Page Versioning

Every time you edit and save a webpage:

  • A new Version of that webpage is created.

  • Old Versions are saved so you can revert back to them if necessary.

Who sees what?

Your website visitors (guests) always see the approved version of a page.

When you're logged in as an editor, you always see the most recent version of a page.

Accessing Page Versions

You need to know how to access Versions in order to do things with them!

Viewing Page Versions

View another Page’s Version to review changes.

Comparing Page Versions

Compare changes between two Versions of a page.

Approving Old Page Versions

If you know that a previous Version is better than the current one, you can roll a Page back.

Deleting Page Versions

If you really want to, you can delete old Versions of Pages.

Copying Page Versions

Sometimes you want to roll back to an older page version, but don't want to delete newer versions. This is how.