Organizing Your Site

You organize pages on your site by placing them in Site Structure.

Site Structure is an indented, collapsable list of all the pages on your website.

Site Structure is in Dashboard > Pages > Site Structure


Home is the first page visitors will see when they go to

Home is the only page in Site Structure that is “stuck” & cannot be deleted or moved.

Pages & sub-pages

When a page has sub-pages the icon for the page will be displayed as a stack of pages. It’s still a single page, even if it looks like a stack; the stack icon is just there to let you know that it’s a page with sub-pages (also known as children).

+ / –

  • Pressing the + sign in front of the stacks icon expands the page to show all of its sub-pages.

  • Pressing the – sign in front of the stacks icon hides all sub-pages.

The number that appears next to some stacks indicates the number of sub-pages directly below them. Sub-pages of sub-pages are not counted.

Site Organization Tasks

Moving Pages in Site Structure

Order pages in your website’s navigation exactly the way you want.

Changing a Page's URL

Alter the URL, or Web address, where a page resides on your website.

Creating Short URLs for Webpages

Make it easier for visitors by creating short URLs that point to longer, more complex addresses.