Project Workflow

Here’s a quick run-through of WebSanity’s typical project workflow for a client.

  1. WebSanity sends you a list of questions to think about ahead of time, & then we interview you to gather details about your organization and website needs.

  2. WebSanity creates a simple wireframe site so you can start learning about how to edit and use your website.

  3. WebSanity drafts a Site Plan that provides:

    • an executive overview of the organization
    • general Web design best practices
    • specific site goals
    • visitor tasks
    • areas of focus

    The Site Plan provides orientation and guidance to everybody participating in the project, now and in the future. WebSanity will post the Site Plan on the wireframe site.

  4. You review the Site Plan and provide revisions (using the CMS!) until it is complete and accurate.

  5. You gather site content (create pages, write copy, upload files) in a wireframe site, guided by the Site Plan and with ongoing help and advice from WebSanity.

  6. You provide art direction, brand assets, and creative assets in preparation for design.

  7. WebSanity drafts a design for the site. This task is commonly shared between WebSanity and a graphic artist or design firm.

  8. You provide feedback, revisions, and finally approval for the design.

  9. WebSanity implements the design along with any other custom development needed for the site, turning your wireframe website into something very close to finished.

  10. You complete any final content changes and additions required for site launch.

  11. WebSanity launches your website and sets up third-party services like Google Analytics.

You’re finished!