Setting Permissions for Individual Files

Be careful!

Changing permissions on images encompasses the following:

  • Set who can Read, or view, an image

  • Set who can Search for an image

  • Set who can Write to, or edit, an image

  • Set who can Administer an image

Set Read, Search, Write, and Admin permissions by following these steps.

WARNING: WebSanity does not recommend that you change these settings without consultation. You can easily break things on your site! Be careful and talk to WebSanity before doing anything. Better yet, don’t meddle in these settings!

Steps for setting image permissions

  1. Hover over Dashboard and press Files. The File Manager Menu will pop up.

  2. Click on the image whose permissions you wish to set and select Access & Permissions.

    A panel will open, showing the Permissions tab.

  3. For each group and/or user, check the appropriate boxes under Read, Search, Write, and Admin.

    The three rows mean the following:

    • Guest is a site visitor.

    • Registered Users are those who log in to your website but don’t actually edit it (like for a Member’s Only section, for instance).

    • Administrators are those who edit and take care of the website.

    NOTE: You may see additional rows if your website has more Groups than the default.

    WARNING: Do not mess with the Permissions for Administrators! Leave them be. Playing with those can incur costs when WebSanity has to fix things.

    The four columns mean the following:

    • Read is the same as “View”.

    • Search governs whether the site shows up using the CMS’ built-in search (which we don’t use; instead, we use Google).

    • Write controls who can edit or change the Page.

    • Admin is for administrative tasks—like setting Permissions!

    If you want to hide an image from the public, uncheck Read in the Guest row. Really, this is the only change you should be making—but do you really need to make it?

  4. Press Update when you’re finished.

Hidden dangers!

WARNING (again): WebSanity does not recommend that you change these settings without consultation! Remember, there are hidden dangers here. When in doubt, ask WebSanity.