Changing a Page's Page Type

Understand what changing Page Types means

Page Types determine which Areas appear on a webpage. When WebSanity consulted with you to set up your site, we determined which Page Types you would have available.

You can change a webpage’s Page Type after you create it, which is what you’ll read about here. However, only WebSanity can add, edit, or delete Page Types, so ask us if you need those tasks done.

Steps for changing a Page's Type

  1. Go to the Page whose Page Type you want to change.

  2. Hover over Edit and press Design.

    The Design panel will open.

  3. Choose a Page Type.

    WARNING: Switching Page Types can result in some Areas and their Blocks containing content becoming hidden and inaccessible. In other words, if you switch from a Two Column Page Type to a One Column Page Type, the 2nd column Area and its Blocks will disappear. The content will still exist in the CMS database, but you will not be able to access or see it unless you go back to the webpage and switch the Page Type back to Two Column again (or any other Page Type that contains that Area). Before you switch Page Types, make sure that you have copied any content that you may want to access or re-use in the future!

  4. Press Save.

  5. Press Cancel if you don’t want to make a change.