Grouping Files Into Sets

Sets make it easier to manage, archive, and search Files.

Some blocks use Sets; for instance, the Slideshow Block (discussed in Appendix: Types of Blocks). When adding slides to the Slideshow Block, you can select a whole set at once to be added to the slideshow, which is much easier than adding each image separately.

When do you create Sets?

When you upload files, you can assign them to Sets at that time, as shown in Adding Files.

You can also assign files to Sets later, after you’ve already uploaded them.

Creating a Set to Organize Files

You can more easily work with Files if you put them into logical Sets.

Editing a Set's Name

Want to change a Set’s name? No problem!

Adding Files to Sets

You can always add new Files to existing Sets.

Removing Files From Sets

You can always remove Files from existing Sets.

Deleting a Set

Get rid of a Set, but not the Files in that Set, by following these steps.