Searching Files

  1. Hover over Dashboard and press Files. The File Manager Menu will pop up.

  2. In the Search box, enter the word(s) for which you want to search.

  3. Set the Results Per Page depending upon how many results you wish to see.

    If you do nothing, you’ll use the default of 10. Your choices are 10, 25, 50, 100, & 500.

  4. Go to Advanced Search > Add (+) to the right of Results Per Page if you want to search using additional fields.

  5. Choose the additional fields you want to use in your search.

    Your choices for additional fields are:

    • Size (Note that all sizes are in KB)

    • Type (Choose between Image, Text, and Document Files)

    • Extension (The list of extensions will change to reflect the files you’ve already uploaded. For instance, if you haven’t uploaded any PDFs, then PDF won’t be an option.)

    • Added Between (You can either click in the field & use a calendar to select the date, or enter the date by hand, using the format month/day/year [09/21/2010].)

    • Added To Page (Select a page & you can see all the files used on that page—a nifty time-saver!)

    • Width (In pixels)

    • Height (In pixels)

  6. Press + to add other search fields.

  7. Press – to remove search fields.

  8. Once your search fields are in place, press Search.

  9. Save your search.

    If your search is one that you’ll perform often, you may want to keep it for future use. Click Save Search above the last column of the File table and then, in the Save Search panel, give your query a name and press Save Search.

TIP: See more than 10 files per page.

If you want to see more than 10 files per page, change Results Per Page to a larger number, like 100, but leave the Search box blank.

Press the Search button, and you’ll see 100 files per page.