WebSanity CMS Guide

This is the WebSanity CMS Guide. We hope you find it useful. If you have any questions or comments, or if you find an error, please let us know!

Before We Jump In

Some things you need to know before we get started.

Logging In and Logging Out

Before you can use the CMS, you need to authenticate that you're allowed to use it.

Editing Content on Existing Pages

It's the most common thing you'll do.

Adding New Pages

New, fresh content is the heart of any great website.

Changing a Page's Basic Information

After entering data, you may wish to change it.

Altering the Look of a Page

Put everything exactly where you want it.

Organizing Your Site

Creating & modifying your site's navigation couldn't be easier.

Controlling Access to Pages

You have complete control over when your Pages are published & who sees them.

Page Versioning

You can always go back in time to a better version of your work.

Managing Files

Adding, replacing, deleting, searching, changing, & more!

Grouping Files Into Sets

Sets make working with Files much easier & more efficient.

Versioning Files

Jump back to a previous, better version of a file.

Controlling Access to Files

Only let approved people access approved files.

Inserting Files Into Your Website

Time to actually use those Files!

Re-using Content with Stacks

Don't re-enter the same content over & over! It's OK to be lazy & use Stacks.

Working With Users & Groups

Manage administrators, editors, subscribers, visitors, & more.