Managing Files

Adding Files

Whether you have one file or a bulk to upload, it's all explained here!

Replacing Files

If you make a mistake, or later want to change a File, it’s easy to do so with the CMS.

Downloading Files

If you no longer need a File on your website, you can remove it using the File Manager.

Searching Files

If you remember part of the name of a File—or a group of Files—you can easily search using the CMS.

Filtering Files

You can filter your Files by Sets.

Viewing File Properties

View Title, Description, Tags, file size, URL, and more.

Changing a File's Title, Description, or Tags

You can do more than just view Basic Properties (Title, Description, & Tags); you can also change them.

Viewing File Statistics

You can find out how many times a File has been downloaded with the CMS.