Embedding Movies into Your Webpage with the YouTube Video Block

Two ways to insert movies onto a webpage

You can insert movies into Blocks in two ways, depending upon how you want visitors to interact with the movie:.

  • Download: Insert a link to a movie that you have added to the File Manager and that users will download. To do that, jump to Inserting files into Blocks and follow those instructions.
  • View: Embed a YouTube movie into a webpage by inserting a YouTube Video Block. That is the method discussed in this section.

Steps for using the YouTube Block

  1. Navigate to the webpage onto which you wish to embed a YouTube movie.

  2. Hover over Edit and press Edit This Page.

  3. Click on the Area Control and select Add Block.

    Do not click on a Block that contains text or images. Instead, click to add a Block. Under that Block, however, you see Add To Main Content in the Area Control, which, when clicked, adds a new Block under the current Block.

    So, to add a YouTube Video Block to this webpage, click on the Area Control, which says Add To Main Content, and select Add Block.

    The AddBlock panel will appear.

  4. Choose the YouTube Video Block.

  5. Fill in the appropriate information for the YouTube Video Block.

    For more information, see the YouTube Video Block in Appendix: Types of Blocks.

  6. Press Add in the YouTube Video Block.

    The CMS will insert the YouTube video into the Block.

    NOTE: You cannot actually see the YouTube video in the webpage until you press Exit Edit Mode on the Toolbar.