Changing a Page's Title

  1. Go to the Page whose Title you want to change

  2. Hover over Edit and press Properties

  3. The Page Properties panel will open

  4. Click on the Custom Attributes tab

  5. Select Page Title from the Custom Attributes menu

    By default, Name is used for both the Page title that appears in the title bar of your web browser and as the Title of the Page (as pointed out in What’s the difference between a Page’s Name and its Title?). If you use this Custom Attribute, you are changing only the title that appears at the top of the webpage.

    If you need additional Custom Attributes, or want to make one required, just ask WebSanity.

  6. Enter a new Page Title

    The advice WebSanity gave for a good Page Name applies here as well!

    Be consistent in the capitalization of titles. Decide between headline case (Key Words in Page Titles are Capitalized) and sentence case (Only the first word of the title is capitalized) and stick to it throughout your website.

    TIP: Never use ALL CAPS or all lowercase—if that is desired, talk to WebSanity & we will automate that styling for you.

    Use keywords that search engines and users will find. A good Page Title would be “Annual Dinner and Auction”; a bad one would be “We hope you’re hungry!” (it’s too cutesy and search engines will have no idea that you’re referring to your annual dinner).

    NOTE: Notice the Remove Attribute link on the right, which you can click to remove the changed Page Title and go back to the original, which is the same as the Page Name.

  7. Press Save

Advice on Titles

Some other advice from Google about Titles:

  • Be descriptive yet concise.
  • Don’t repeat words or phrases in an attempt to bump up the Page’s ranking. Google will actually penalize Pages who do that!
  • Have a different Title for every Page. Don’t repeat Titles. And don’t use a lot of the same words on a lot of Page Titles.