Types of Blocks

These Blocks are included with your website.

If you need a Block that does something else or supports different kind of content, please contact WebSanity.

Content Blocks

Add HTML/WYSIWYG Editor Content, like you see when you edit most Blocks on your website.

HTML Blocks

Add HTML by hand.

Page List Blocks

List pages based on type & area.

Image Blocks

Add images from the Asset Library to pages.

Flash Content Blocks

Embed SWF files, including Flash detection.

Slideshow Blocks

Display a running loop of images.

Google Map Blocks

Place a Google Map of a location in your page by entering an address.

RSS Displayer Blocks

Fetch, parse, & display the contents of an RSS or Atom feed.

YouTube Video Blocks

Embed a YouTube video in your webpage.

Next & Previous Nav

Create sub-navigation that leads visitors along a pre-defined path of several Pages.

File List Blocks

The better, WebSanity-ier way to list files.

Image Gallery

The better, WebSanity-ier way to display image galleries.

Posts List Blocks

List blog posts located on your site