Adding New Pages Within the Website

  1. Be prepared!

    To create a Page you should first know where you want to add it in the structure of your website. Plan ahead—creating an outline in a word processor that lists new webages in an “organization chart” can save you time and help to better organize your website.

    For example, let’s say you want to add 3 Pages under Resources: Websites, Books, and Conferences. Your outline would look like this:

  2. Go to the Page under which you wish to add a new Page. In other words, if it’s time to add the Websites Page under Resources (from the outline above), you would go to the Resources Page.

  3. Hover over Edit. Select Add a Sub-Page. The Add Page panel appears.

  4. Select a Page Type for your new Page.

    Don’t worry—you can change the Page Type in the next step (or at any time, really).

  5. Enter the basic Page Properties.