Inserting Links to Files in Content Blocks

  1. Navigate to the webpage onto which you wish to insert a link to a file.

  2. Hover over Edit and press Edit This Page.

  3. Click on the Block into which you plan to insert the file and select Edit.

    The WYSIWYG editor will open (for more on the WYSIWYG editor, see Appendix: The WYSIWYG editor).

  4. Choose how you want to insert the link.

    Do one of the following to insert the link:

    • Position the cursor where you would like the link to go. When you insert the link, the Title of the file as defined in the File Manager will be used.

    • Highlight the word(s) you want to use as a link. When you insert the link, those words will become hyperlinked to your file. This is the method used in the rest of this lesson.

  5. Click on Link To File on the Concrete5 Bar at the top of the WYSIWYG.

    Notice that words are selected in the text first.

  6. In the panel that shows the File Manager, find the file you wish to insert.

    You can use Search or Filter, or you can manually find the file.

    NOTE: You can also upload a file from here, if you need to.

  7. When you find the file you want to insert, click on it and select Choose.

    The CMS will insert a link to the file into the Block. Continue editing as needed.

  8. Press Save to finish editing the Block.

    NOTE: Remember, you’re not actually inserting the file into the Block; instead, you’re inserting a link to the file into the Block.