Adding a Custom Layout to a Page

Warning! Custom layouts are NOT responsive. If your site has a responsive design, do NOT use custom layouts.

  1. Navigate to the Page in which you want to add a Custom Layout.

  2. Hover over Edit and press Edit This Page.

  3. At the bottom of the Page, click Add to Body in the dotted red box.

    The Editing menu will appear.

  4. Press Add Layout.

  5. In the text boxes next to Columns and Rows, specify the number of Columns and Rows in your Layout, respectively.

  6. In the text box next to Spacing, set the distance in pixels between each Cell of the Table.

  7. Check or uncheck the box next to Lock Widths. Locking the Widths will make the lengths of the Widths unchangeable. The Widths of every Cell will be equal.

  8. OPTIONAL: Check or uncheck the box next to Save This Style As A New Preset. Saving the Style As A New Preset allows you to use the same Custom Layout over and over again without having to re-type the Layout Design each time.

    If you checked the box next to Save This Style As A New Preset, type in a brief description for the Layout.

  9. Press Add to Update your Custom Layout.