Changing a Page's Description

Understand exactly what you’re changing

You do not need to enter anything here, but you really should. The Description field can be used in several places by the CMS:

  • The Page List Block can optionally display the Description alongside the Page’s Name.

  • The META Description for a Page (used by some search engines) uses the Description.

  • The built-in search engine available to Editors of the website (but not to the general public) uses what you enter in Description to help find content.

Google never really shows anything more than around 155 characters, so don’t bother writing much more than that.

Some other advice from Google about the Description:

  • Different pages should have different Descriptions. Don’t repeat Descriptions throughout your website.
  • Put facts in your Description. Google provides these examples:
    • News pages: include author, date of publication, & byline info
    • Product pages: include price, manufacturer, SKU, & availability
    • Book pages:
      • Author: A.N. Author
      • Illustrator: P. Picture
      • Category: Books
      • Price: $17.99
      • Length: 784 pages
  • Be descriptive: The better your Descriptions are, the more likely Google is to use them.

Steps for changing the Page's Description

  1. Go to the page whose Description you want to change.

  2. Hover over Edit and press Properties.

    The Properties panel will open.

    Make sure you’re on the Standard Properties tab.

  3. Change the Description.

  4. Press Save.