Changing Alignment (Left, Center, Right) in a Table Row

What does it mean to change alignment for an entire row?

Remember this will change every cell in a row. You may not want this—for instance, you might want your row’s header cells to be left-aligned even though you’re right-aligning everything else—but it’s really easy to set the alignment for every cell in a row and then go back and change one row.

Steps for changing alignment for an entire row

  1. Click in a cell located in the row you want to align.

    Click anywhere in the row, inside any cell.

  2. Click on the Table Row Properties button.

    The Table Row Properties panel will open.

  3. Select an alignment from the Alignment menu.

    You have four choices:

    • Not Set: This means to use the default, which most of the time is Left.
    • Center
    • Left
    • Right
  4. If you want, you can set the alignment for multiple rows.

    You have four choices in this menu:

    • Update Current Row.
    • Update Odd Rows In Table.
    • Update Even Rows In Table.
    • Update All Rows In Table.

    They’re pretty self-explanatory. Choose the one that makes the most sense to you (normally the first item).

  5. Press Update.

    All the cells in the row are now newly aligned!