Cut, Copy, & Paste in Firefox

The error message


Why do you see this? For security reasons, Firefox blocks use of JavaScript buttons for the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands.

Steps for allowing cut, copy, & paste in Firefox

  1. Install the AllowClipboardHelper extension.

    Go to and install the AllowClipboard Helper extension.

  2. Restart Firefox.

  3. Try to edit a webpage on your website.


    You’ll see a yellow tab that says Text Cut, Copy & Paste Not Allowed.

  4. Click the yellow tab.


    A dialog box will open that lists sites where you allow use of those clipboard buttons. You should see the URL of your website listed.

  5. Click Allow.

  6. Press OK.

If you’re feeling nerdy….

If you’re feeling nerdy and you want to learn more about this issue and how to manually deal with it, check out: