Flash Content Blocks

NOTE: Adobe has announced that it will discontinue Flash in 2020. Do not add Flash to your website!

  1. Press Choose File.

    A panel will open that shows the File Manager.

  2. Select a Flash file (SWF).

    Find the SWF file you want to use, click on it, & select Choose.

    The File Manager panel will close and the SWF file you selected will appear under Flash File.

  3. Set Quality.

    Select the quality level; normally, you should just leave it at High.

  4. Set Minimum Flash Player Version.

    The Adobe Flash Player has many versions, but you need to specify a Minimum Version for your visitors. The default—8.0—is just fine, but if you know your Flash file requires a higher version, enter it here.

  5. Press Add to update the contents of your Block.

If you don’t see this Block on your website…

This Block is optional and available only upon request. If you feel that you need it, contact WebSanity.