File List Blocks

The File List block creates a nice list of downloadable files. It also automatically labels each download link with the file type and size.

  1. Next to Header, select a Header size for the Text of your List Title. Header 2 is the largest, while Header 6 is the smallest.

    If you choose not to include a List Title, select No Header.

  2. For Text, enter a description for your File List.

  3. Choose a Source for the Files you want to include in your File List.

    • File Set will display all of the files in a certain File Set.
    • Ad Hoc allows you to manually choose which Files to display in your File List.
  4. If you choose File Set for the Source, select the Set for which you want all the files to be listed.

    If you choose Ad Hoc for the Source, press Add Files and select individual Files from the File Manager. To remove a File from your File List, click on the Red Delete icon.

  5. Under Link Behavior, Check or Uncheck the Force Downloads box. Force Downloads causes that File to automatically be downloaded to the user's computer when the File's link is clicked.

  6. Press Add to update the contents of your Block.