Slideshow Blocks

  1. Set Type to choose which kind of slideshow you want:

  2. Custom Slideshow: You select individual pictures from anywhere in your File Manager. This gives you maximum flexibility at the cost of potentially being very tedious.

    If you choose Custom Slideshow, press Add Image and select an image. Repeat until your slideshow contains all of the images you wish to use.

  3. Pictures From File Set: You select a particular File Set that contains the images you want. This is less flexible but far quicker and easier (assuming you’ve done a good job with your Sets!).

    If you choose Pictures From File Set, you need to make the following choices:

    • File Set: Which File Set do you want to use?

    • Duration: How many seconds do you want each image to show? The default is 5.

    • Fade Duration: How many seconds should the fade transition take between images? The default is 2.

  4. Set Playback.

    Select the order in which you want the images to appear:

    • Display Order: Show the images in the order in which they exist in their File Sets.

    • Random (But Keep Sets Together): Randomize the order, but keep images together in File Sets.

    • Completely Random: Show the images in random order, ignoring their order and placement in File Sets.

  5. Press Add to update the contents of your Block.