Introduction to Lists

Bulleted & numbered lists serve different purposes

Favorite nonsense words:

  • Arglebargle
  • Snozzwanger
  • Fribbitygibbet
  • Psycho-frakulator

How to annoy a bear:

  1. Find a sleeping bear
  2. Grab a sharp stick
  3. Poke the bear with the stick
  4. Repeat as necessary

Bulleted lists contain items that could be in any order, like a grocery list or a series of attributes.

Numbered lists contain items that must be in a certain order or are ranked, like a procedure or a list of your top five movies.

Some nice things about using the WYSIWYG editor to build lists

  • If you’re creating a numbered list, the WYSIWYG will automatically number items for you, so you don’t have to enter in the numbers manually. This is especially nice if you need to insert an item into the middle of a list at a later time!
  • You can always go back and add new list items to a list, as you will see soon.
  • You can nest sublists inside lists. To find out how, see Sublists.