Posts List Blocks

1. Go to 'Add Block' and select the Posts List block.
2. Adjust your settings as needed:

  • Collection: collections will be created for you by WebSanity, usually this will be News
  • Filter: None, By Category, By Tag
    • Adding a Category or Tag to a post will allow you to filter your Posts List block to show just those posts
  • How many: This is obvious. Choose how many posts you want to display in the block.
  • Header Type: Choose what size you want the Header to be, this is usually Header 2 or blank.
  • Header Text: Choose a Title for this block, or leave it blank.
  • Date Format:
    • Enter the format of dates in this box. Unfortunately, you’re asked to use some pretty nerdy symbols for the date format. Here are some common formats that should cover most people’s needs:

      • F j, Y (January 1, 2011)
      • j F Y (1 January 2011)
      • M j, Y (Jan 1, 2011)
      • n/j/y (1/1/2011)
      • g:i a (10:06 pm)

      If you really want to learn all the geeky details, head over to and start reading

  • Display Excerpt: Check this box if you want content from the post to display. Choose how many characters you want to appear.

3. Click 'Add' and you are done!