1. Select the text you wish to style with your mouse.

  2. Click on the Styles menu and select the Style to apply.

    Keep in mind that the list of Styles can change depending on your website’s needs. Following are the default Styles that WebSanity installs on most of our clients’ websites.


Style: Download Info

Text becomes light gray & smaller.

Use this Style to let users know the following about files you make available for download:

  • Size (1.5 MB or 750 KB, for instance)
  • File type (PDF, Word, Excel, or TIFF, for instance)

Style: Fine Print

Text becomes smaller.

Use this style for Image Captions, Footnotes, and other Annotations.

Style: Publication Title

Text becomes italic.

Use this Style to let users know you’re referring to a book or magazine title.

Style: Float Left

Aligns the text to the left.

Style: Float Right

Aligns the text to the right.

If you need additional styles…

WebSanity creates these Styles for you. If you find that you need additional styles, please consult WebSanity, and we’ll be glad to add additional choices in the Styles menu.