Words to Avoid

Try to avoid using the following words on your website:

Welcome. It’s a waste of space & unnecessary. Instead, tell your visitor what you’re going to do for them.

Please & Thank you. Again, unnecessary. In person, sure. On a website? Not needed.

Click here & More. Not only is it uncommunicative (where, exactly, do I go if I click?) but it’s also wasting valuable SEO opportunities. Google pays big attention to links. "Click here" conveys nothing & does nothing for your site. Make descriptive, important words into links, not meaningless, repeated ones!

Check. As in, “check the box”. If your audience is American, no problem. But in Britain, they tick boxes. Make sure your words are appropriate to your international audiences.

Solutions. Customers don’t look for solutions, they looks for solutions to their problems. Tell them the problems you’ll help them solve & avoid the generic, over-used “solutions”.

Thanks to Catherine Toole’s “10 words I'd ban from all websites” for the idea for this page!