Add Elements Contained Within the HTML HEAD

  1. Go to the Page whose Custom Attributes you want to change.

  2. Hover over Edit and press Properties.

    The Page Properties panel will open.

  3. Click on the Custom Attributes tab.

  4. Select Custom Attributes and change them as needed.

    Custom Attributes contain additional information about your Page. You don’t need to select any of them, but here’s what they mean:

    • Exclude From Nav: Use this if you don’t want your Page to show up in your website’s navigation (as with a “Thank You” page that only appears when someone has filled out a form). You should hardly ever use this!
    • Exclude From Page List: Needed if you don’t want your Page to show up in a list found in a Page List Block.
    • Header Extra Content: Choose this if you want to insert meta http-equiv="refresh” and related header data. If you don’t know what this means, you shouldn’t use this!
    • Exclude From Search Engine Reporting: Useful if you don’t want Google and other search engines to index this webpage.
    • Page Title: By default, Name is used for both the Page title that appears in the title bar of your web browser and as the title of the Page. If you want the title of the Page to be different, use this Custom Attribute.
    • Exclude From Site Map: Hide the Page from your website’s Site Map. Usually, if you use Exclude From Nav, you’ll probably also want to add Exclude From Site Map as well.

    NOTE: Of all of these, the one that WebSanity sees most clients use is Page Title.

    If you need additional Custom Attributes, or want to make one required, just ask WebSanity.

    TIP: Every Custom Attribute for the entire site shows up here, even ones that are completely inappropriate for the particular Page, so pick with care.

  5. Don’t forget your website’s specialized Custom Attributes.

    You may or may not see other choices under Custom Attributes. After consulting with your website’s decision makers, WebSanity may make certain Custom Attributes visible whenever a Page is created or edited, which you will see in the Custom Attribute section.

  6. Press Save.