WebSanity Image Gallery Blocks

The Image Gallery block creates a series of cropped (square) thumbnail images that when clicked on launch a beautiful full-screen slideshow that works great on mobile and touch devices. All of the images are automatially sized to fit the page.

First, you'll need to upload images and add the Image Gallery block to your page. Then you'll want to do one or more of the following…

Add images

Just press the Add Image button after adding the block to your page.

Display captions

You have the option of showing an image's Title as the thumbnail caption. The image's Description is automatically used for slideshow image captions.

Choose crop area

Image gallery thumbnails are automatically cropped from the center of the full-size image. You can choose a custom crop area by clicking the thubmnail cropping link on each image in the gallery. If a thumbnail has been automatically cropped you'll see Thumbnail: Auto, if an edtor has chosen a custom crop area, you'll see Thumbnail: Custom.

Change the order of images

To change the order of the images in the gallery, just drag the move icon (up & down arrows) up or down in the when you're editing the gallery.

Remove images

When editing the gallery block, just click the trash can icon for the images you want to remove.