Changing Alignment (Left, Center, Right) in a Table Cell

You can actually change one or more contiguous cells

You can change one or more contiguous (next to each other) cells in a row—just click in the first cell and drag to select the other cells. In the figure above, for instance, I clicked in the first Right cell and dragged over and down to the second Text cell, thus selecting the four you see highlighted.

Steps for changing one or more contiguous cells

  1. Click in the cell you want to align.

  2. Click on the Table Cell Properties button.

    The Table Cell Properties panel will open.

  3. Select an alignment from the Alignment menu.

    You have four choices:

    • Not Set: This means to use the default, which most of the time is Left.
    • Center
    • Left
    • Right
  4. If you want, you can set the alignment for multiple cells.

    You have three choices in this menu:

    • Update Current Cell
    • Update All Cells In Row
    • Update All Cells In Table

    They’re pretty self-explanatory. Normally, you just want the first item.

  5. Press Update.

    The cell is now newly aligned!