Filtering Posts

Filtering + Searching

You can filter in correspondence with searching, or separately. In other words, you can do any of these:

  • Search, and then filter the results
  • Search without filtering
  • Filter without searching

Steps for filtering Posts

  1. Hover over the Dashboard button in the Toolbar and click Posts.

    The Posts panel will appear.

  2. To filter by Collection, click on the drop down menu next to Collection, and select the appropriate Collection. Only one Collection may be selected per query.

  3. To filter by Tag, click on the dropdown menu next to Tag, and select the appropriate Tag. Only one Tag can be selected per query.

  4. To filter by Category, click on the dropdown menu next to Category and select the appropriate Category. Only one Category may be selected per query.

  5. Without having to press anything, the first 100 search results will automatically appear.