Adding a New Category

  1. Click on the Dashboard button in the Toolbar.

    The Dashboard will appear.

  2. Under Posts, click Categories.

    The Categories page will appear.

  3. Press Create New Category.

    The Create New Category panel will appear.

  4. Enter the Category's Name.

    Category Names should be short—just a few words at the longest—yet descriptive.

  5. As you enter the Category’s Name, the Alias will automatically get filled in for you.

    The Alias is the URL-friendly version of the name. For example, if you enter a Name of “Annual Dinner and Auction”, the CMS will auto-generate an Alias of “annual-dinner-auction”. The Alias becomes the last part of the Category's Page URL, or Web address. So if the website containing your Category is at and the Alias is annual-dinner-auction, the CMS would put it all together to create something like

    NOTE: You can edit the Alias if you really want to, but this is usually unnecessary. If you do edit the Alias, keep in mind that it contains only lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens.

  6. Categories, unlike Tags, can have a hierarchy. For example, the Category "Teaching" can have the Sub-Categories "Social Software" and "Tech in Our Changing Society". If you want the added Category to go under another, select the Parent Category under the dropdown menu.

    If the added Category should not go under any Parent Category, ignore this step or select None in the dropdown menu.

  7. Enter a Description for your Category. The Description is purely for Editors, not site Visitors.

  8. Press Save.