Changing a Post's Title

  1. Hover over the Dashboard button in the Toolbar and click Posts.

    The Posts panel will appear.

  2. Click on the Post whose Title you wish to change.

  3. Click Edit.

    The Edit Post panel will appear.

  4. Press Properties.

  5. Change the Title.

    Be consistent in the capitalization of titles. Decide between headline case (Key Words in Post Titles are Capitalized) and sentence case (Only the first word of the title is capitalized) and stick to it throughout your website.

    TIP: Never use ALL CAPS or all lowercase—if that is desired, talk to WebSanity & we will automate that styling for you.

    Use keywords that search engines and users will find. A good Post Title would be “Annual Dinner and Auction”; a bad one would be “We hope you’re hungry!” (it’s too cutesy and search engines will have no idea that you’re referring to your annual dinner).

  6. Press Save.